September 2008

Today is Rosh Hannah and all the operation at work are closed.

Wall street will rebound a little but i expect some banks will fail.

Today Champion league matches will go on . I think all the big clubs will win .

I have started writing my new paper titled “sfq circuits in magnetic field”.

I will also look for 3d mesh to formulate the nano devices  problem soon.

Not much news lately.


The bailout plan has failed. I doubt anything will be done by congress till Wednesday. But a lot will  happen in the financial markets  till that time. I am thinking the dow will fall 700 to 1000 points today and more 2 days later.

Roubini  and krugman  have some interesting blogs today.

I have finished all my reviews and submitted them. I am yet to receive reviews of my papers.

I will continue with the rsfq work.

Interesting to see the first F1 night race. Man city lost, spurs lost.

Well i came to know late on saturday that Hull crushed Arsenal 2-1. May be its time for Arsenal to invest in some experienced players.

The SNL skits were good.

Bail out from congress coming soon. No problems will be solved from it for sure.

It has been raining, in Stony Brook, for the past 24 hours without any end in sight.

The first presidential debate took place yesterday without producing any clear winner. I have no idea as to how the bailout plan will come out.

In EPL Man Utd and chealse both won 2-0. Liverpool scored a derby win. They are ahead now in the table. Newcastle lost 2-1 again with Micheal owen scoring again for the losing side.

I am curious what will happen the first F1 in Singapore.

I had thought Dow will lose 100 points at least, but it went up. 1st prediction went wrong in the week. But the credit markets are still tight. The world is bracing for another “black monday”, if the bailout plan fails to materialize. Yesterday Hank paulson was on one knee, a lot of people otherwise will be brought down on both their knees.

Apparently McCain has won the debate before debating in it!!

I still wonder it wallstreet will be one of the biggest contributers to the GOP.

UPDATE: Breaking !!! Wachovia is in talks with CItigroup regarding a take over.

I guess we have to brace for a “black and blue ” monday.

Will there be a bailout or not,no one knows. I think Dow will go down by at least 200 points. Today is there is the first presidential debate, i think it is of less significance as news will be split between the debate and the bailout plan.

Funny thing, how all networks using public polling data to question the bailout. I am just wondering how many, among polled, know recession or depression economics. No wonder people killed Galileo , because public polling about 400 years would definitely tell earth is flat, earth is the center of the universe, etc.

Now looking forward to the weekend. Sunday we have BBQ, will attend if it does not rain.

Man Utd play Bolten , I think it will be a easy win. Liverpool vs Everton Derby will be the one to watch. Hope Benitez does not screw this up with some crazy squad rotation. Chealse have it easy, they play stoke. Newcastle have named  a new manager, hope it works this time. Man city will play wigan, I bet they will put on a show after losing to a third grade team in the carling cup.

Morning I wrote the plan for the bail out is bad . But not doing this “bailout ” is worse. News media today runs news programs based on polls rather than facts. Some polls have indicated that not more than 30% support this , i wonder how are trained and educated economic specialists. I guess if the country is ready to live with 10% unemployment and complete collapse of the financial markets and credit markets, may be then fine. I hope it does not come to the situation where one cannot draw money out of ATM’s.

Like in the movies, “Hang on buddies , it is going to be a rough ride”.

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