October 2008

I found this very interesting article and pics , where wild animals celebrating their birthdays by eating a cake. Cool stuff.

On Nov 4th, people across the country will go to the polls to elect the new president. Obama is leading in the polls now, but McCain could close or depending on the Bradley effects and undecideds. Irrespective of who wins the presidential election, I think one can definitely say , democrat’s will make gains in the house and the senate. A new day on Nov5, will be the rain of liberal snow all across America, cooling the conservative red states dominance turning the land into ocean like blue land. Peggy Noonan is already getting naustalgic.

The electorate is different now. George W., now ranked 5th worst US president of all time, is the baggage for all republicans running for  office. I really can’t believe this: Bush has 25% approval, everybody is running away from him, but congress has 12% approval , country is on the verge of electing more democrat’s. May be, the electorate wants to give democrat and few republicans another chance to get their act together and do something in Washington. We all know – it not over till the fat lady sings- but we can all agree that the fat lady has started to clear her throat.

America might be on the verge of electing the first non-white male to its highest office coming Tuesday. But, the election might not be a blowout victory for Obama. It could be close and it could even come down to the wire, something of the range of 280-290 electoral college votes. The Novak report, known as the report from the prince of darkness, also predicts something of similar results. But you never know, it voters jump on to the Obama train, we could have a bandwagon effect and get have a 350-375 votes blowout instead.

In the coming days, some things will be curious to watch in the media. One will be-polls. Polls, poll of polls, public polls, private polls, state polls, national polls, track polls and extended  polls  and so on….. I think we will have at least 50 of them in a span of 4 days. I think 50 is small number. I wouldn’t be surprised if surrogates start calling names on TV, to a much larger extent than what is going on now. Hell, people have started suing in senate election in MN and NC. I am sure it will get very ugly, but in this election “liberal” is a word that is not ugly. I think all the liberals will feel vindicated for playing their part to push for the progressive agenda.

How many did know for a fact- America spends more on potato chips than on elections?

May be, the cost of choosing the leader of the free world was so cheap- that they chose W.

Do you want to know, what George Will thinks about it?

Business week has a good article on US economy .

If somebody is looking for newspaper endorsements that are old, one should read the endorsement of Lincoln. I found it very interesting.

The Times has ranked all the presidents in history again. George w. Bush ranks as the 5th worst president in history equaling Richard Nixon.

Today , New York Times broke the story of ivory sale, legal in many aspects, to china and other countries. I think it is time to end this horrendous act of  agression on the gentle giants and preserve the planet.

I reading shock doctrine by Naomi Klein. It argues how shock therapy was employed in various south American countries to help a few gain control of the growing economies. The book is largely very critical of the application of shock therapy , as it left many far worse in economic condition than before the application of shock therapy.The book has described the shock therapy most in the context of economic and economic policy.

Shock therapy can be defined as – sudden release of price and currency controls, withdrawal of state subsidies, and immediate trade liberalization within a country, usually also including large scale privatization of previously public owned assets- as found on wikipedia.

So in shock therapy on has to get rid of some controlling mechnasims the effectively regulate and transfer power from one sector to another. In economics, one can find parallels very easily.

Actually, I am truly amazed at the application of shock therapy that was applied in America for the lead up to the Iraq war. I think it was one of the most successful demonstration , that shock therapy can be applied in a developed nation, in which the general public is largely informed.

Let us consider the two arguments in the definition; The first is the removal of the regulation and control mechanisms- which in this case I would call the media, or more largely flow of information. The second is the transfer of power or authority from one to another, which is very easy to recognise here, President given power by the congress , congress being the representatives of the people.

I will write more on this topic slowly.

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