December 2008

Wish 2009 is a happy , healthy and a prosperous new year to all


We all now know that the Iraqi journalist threw a pair shoes on President Bush.

I found this comment on the web.

“A Iraqi journalist threw shoes on Bush, MSM journalists in America don’t even throw a question at him”

This is what I found on Meghan McArdle blog link.

Tycho Brahe observed supernova in the 16th century.

Here is the link.

Today, my paper in IEEE Trans of applied superconductivity was finally accepted for publication.
I have now started to work on oversampling delta modulators. Much of the modeling has to be complete by the end of the month as there is a progress report meeting in Jan.
I had thought I could submit a paper for DAC 2009, but now that looks bleak.

There is a clash between America and China brewing over the value of the Chinese currency. America wants China to strengthen its yuan. China being the highest stakeholders in US treasuries, the move favours the Americans. But China wants to deflate its currency to stabilize its weakening economy. Let us see what happens.

more here by AP.

The political life in Thailand has taken a huge turn that can push the country into further chaos. Thailand’s constitutional court has dissolved the governing People Power Party (PPP) saying there had been vote fraud during the last election.

The party’s leaders, including Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat, were also banned from politics for five years.

I am following how this will effect the airport situation and the economy.

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