February 2009

Everton 2 – WBA 0

It wasn’t an interesting match.
Let us see Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea , as to how they fair.


I am looking for postdoc position in nanotech, high speed electronics, mems, quantum computing, emerging technologies and an emphasis on modeling and measurements.
I thought I should post an ad on my blog at least.

Some of the strangest laws are listed today in times London.
Can you believe ,in Ohio, it is against state law to get a fish drunk. I wonder who wrote that. If you are looking for some laughs, this is a must read.


With only democratic support the stimulus passed the House of Rep. and is certain to pass the Senate.
Thinking the market will improve later I invested in Stocks for the 1st time in life.

Local news sources are now reporting that all the people on board of the continential plane to Buffalo are dead. The news sources are also stating that some personal on the ground are also dead due to the crash. The death toll could go above 50.

Friday 13 of 2009  did not get off on a positive note.

A commuter plane carrying 48 passengers crashed near Buffalo, New york. The Jet of Continental airlines slammed a house at around 10 PM.


A video  is available from BBC.

Follow this  link ..BBC-news-flash.

I found a youtube video thanks to  Spikethecowboy711

More details… later .. will keep posted.

I will start blogging again. I guess it is a little weird to start again on Friday 13th.