Mt Redoubt erupted last night , not once or twice but five times, defying Govs Palin and Jindal , who are against Volcano monitoring calling it wasteful spending. The dust from the Volcano is said to take a few days to settle down.

Below are series of Photographs , thanks to Eileen B of dailykos.

This is before eruption , about a week before eruption.

Thanks to Homer for the pic below.

The eruption can be seen.

The below pic is from article by Jordan Lite, Scientific America dated March 16. He predicted the eruption.

Compare it with the eruption in 1990.


Close up Now.


The above pic is from march 21,2009, saturday. The crater showing rapidly melting glacier. Thanks to Read, Cyrus of dailykos.

Below are two more pics of the eruption.

Below is the pic from Jim Keen ADN ( No intention to steal copyrights. Thanks in advance)

Hope no damage to life and property and wish well to the people of Alaska!