April 2009

47 Year old Susan Boyle wows the judges with her performance in the auditions for Britains Got Talent, singing I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables.

This is “cry me a river” on a 1999 charity CD.


Clever dolphins….

Thousands of dolphins blocked the suspected Somali pirate ships when they were trying to attack Chinese merchant ships passing the Gulf of Aden, the China Radio International reported on Monday.

Thanks to (Photo: Cri.cn)

A good video….

After messing with them all time, i think they are not taking it anymore.

Imagine swimming in circles for 21 years and how glad you will be saved. Now the turtle with one fin can live forever, not swimming in circles, thanks to a prosthetic fin.

Thanks to AP for photos(no intention to steal copyrights).

The complete article is here.

If you want to kill the movie suspense, just reveal the twist in the movie.

for example.. Bruce wills is already dead in sixth sense. (sorry for those who haveĀ  not seen it)

More here by london times.

I don’t know about you, I will be scared as hell to be escorted by the pride of the jungle in this manner.

Thanks to the cavendish press for the photos.(no intension to steal copyrights). More here on dailymail.

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