April 2009

I just watched Avenue Montaigne, it is a nice romantic comedy. I was surprised to see sidney pollack in the movie.

Below is a trailer.


IBM – SUN merger has collapsed and so has SUN’s stock today.

More details are here.

A list of Jewish people saved by Oskar Schindler, the Schindler’s list,  that inspired the novel and Oscar-winning film has been found by a librarian in Sydney, Australia.

The list, contains  801 names of Jews saved in the Holocaust by Schindler and the list was found in a box belonging to author Thomas Keneally. The list was among the author’s manuscript materials which he used to create the book Schindler’s Ark.Keneally’s book has gone on to become a major motion picture, Schindler’s List, made by Steven Spielberg starring Liam Neeson as Schindler.

The list is of 13-pages and it is a carbon typescript copy of the original, was found between research notes and German newspaper clippings.Library co-curator Olwen Pryke said the document was ‘one of the most powerful documents of the 20th Century and a moving peice of history.’ ‘This list was hurriedly typed on April 18, 1945, in the closing days of WWII, and it saved 801 men from the gas chambers,’ she said.

Schindler ran a factory in Krakow, Poland, during World War Two and relied on Jewish labour.

He became appalled at the German treatment of Jews after witnessing a 1942 raid on a Jewish getto and used his position in the Nazi party to persuade officials that his workers were vital to the war effort, saving them from the gas chambers.


The above video on North Korean and its nuclear program. I found it on google video and it is a production of discovery channel. No intention to steal copyrights.

North Korea has launched the long-range rocket, defying world pressure.

Japanese television NHK and South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported that the launch was from Musudan-ri site at 11:30 a.m. (0230GMT) Sunday.The US has confirmed the launch. UN Security Council will hold an emergency session on this matter later in the day.

The rocket reportedly passed over Japan and fell on into the Pacific Ocean. Japan reportedly suspects that the rocket was a multistage rocket, which flew over its airspace. US, South Korea, Japan and other nations suspect the launch was a cover for a test of its long-range missile technology. The U.S fears that the North Korean regime’s long-range missile technology is one step toward eventually mounting a nuclear weapon on a missile capable of reaching Alaska and beyond.

Pyonyang had previously said that it would send a satellite into orbit.

“Our primary concern is to confirm safety and gather information,” Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso told a news conference at his Tokyo office Sunday.

The launch is likely seen by the international community as bold act of defiance against Japanses Prime Minister Aso, President Barack Obama, Chinese President  Hu Jintao and other leaders (mostly from G-20 and NATO) who had pressed Pyongyang in the comming days leading up to launch asking the North Koreans to call off the launch fearing it would threaten peace and stability in Northeast Asian region.

The world leaders also stated earlier the the launch of a rocket violates a 2006 UN security council resolution which bars the regime from ballistic missile activity.

The US and South Korean governments have released statements condemning the launch and have told that North Korea should expect a swift and harsh response.

This April 2, 2009 file satellite image provided by DigitalGlobe shows a missile on the launch pad at Musudan-ri, North Korea formally know as Taepo-dong missile launch facility. On Sunday, April 5, 2009, Japanese public broadcaster NHK says North Korea has launched a rocket, citing Japanese government.

Thanks to AP and DigitalGlobe (no intention to steal copyright).

The movie,La Doublure or the valet is a very nice romantic comedy. It is a french movie made by Francis Veber. The plot is very simple and i will not reveal any details as i want you to have fun watching it.  A porter and a top-model have to pretend to be a couple in order to salvage a CEO’s marriage.

It stars Gad Elmaleh, Alice Taglioni, Daniel Auteuil and  Kristin Scott Thomas.

A trailer can be found on youtube.

I just finished two books some time ago. One is Blind into bagdad by James fallow, who is of the Atlantic magazine and other is The United States since 1980 by Dean Baker.

I also finished a book by CHomsky , but it is a speech written as a book so technically it is not a book.

The books  make for good reading. I really enjoyed Dean Baker’s book more which is about political economy.

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