November 2009

Jobless rate tops 10 pct. for first time since ’83


Not much of a recovery the Obama administration was looking for I think.


This week is not turning out to be pleasant. Now a shooting is being reported in Orlando downtown office. 2 people are reported dead and more than 5 injured.


I got my H1N1 vaccine. It is a nasal spray vaccine, painless;never ever got vaccinated without pain, I can remember.

At least seven people are dead and 20 wounded in a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. Army base in Fort Hood is shutdown and SWAT teams are battling one gunman and one has already been taken into custody.

More to follow….

UPDATE: Things have taken a turn for the worse. Now the death toll stands at 12 and all the shooters are soldiers.  One of the shooters has been killed.

UPDATE II: 40 year-old Army major Malik Nadal Hasan, army psychiatrist,  identified as primary gunman.  The two other gunmen have been taken in to custody.

UPDATE III: One more victim is dead rising the death toll to 13 and number of injured are 31.

Also, the suspect is alive.

A psychiatrist went psycho and killed a lot of people. It must  be horrible for the families and friends, not only do they have to bear the stress of being deployed into war but go through this kind of tragedies  at home.

Watched a nice movie, lies and alibis, starring  Rebecca Romijn,  Steve Coogan, Selma Blair, Sam Elliott, James Brolin and James Marsden. Quite a good thriller and a comedy , I should say.

Below is a trailer I found on youtube.

Well, 2009 elections finished this years election cycle. Democrats got screwed. I can only guess, if they don’t deliver on the promises, then they will be thrown out of office after 4 years.