April 2010

I had always thought ACLU will take the state to court on the immigration laws. But it turns out that the 1st lawsuit was filled by a Police officer!!!

From AP

The lawsuit from 15-year Tucson police veteran Martin Escobar was one of two filed Thursday, less than a week after Republican Gov. Jan Brewer signed the bill that makes it a state crime to be in the United States illegally.

The second lawsuit was filed , as expected , by a Latino group. ALCU why are you behind?

I am curious of the police case. As per the law, the locals can sue the police, if they think the police is not enforcing the law. Now will the public sue the police because police sued the state, under the assumption that the police might not have enforced the law. I just hope the policeman does not lose his job.

I am sure this is just the beginning on Arizona.


I would like to know if I will be affected by the new immigration law in Arizona. As a new law was signed in Arizona, it bans a person to be here illegally (I completely get that) and also makes me an outlaw if i am not able to show proof of legal immigrant status or citizenship.  Now, I live in Massachusetts and do I have to carry all my papers if I were going to visit Arizona, say if I were going there to visit a friend or attend a workshop. Because, till now if I was going to visit another state like New Mexico or California, I would just carry my valid drivers license. But  from what I read out of state valid license is not proof enough!!

Plus, how will a cop in Arizona know I am illegal on reasonable suspicion, does that mean I can’t eat nachos in public!!!

I watched the movie accepted recently, it was great. A boy with his group of friends make up a college because they don’t get into any. And then due to the website hole which they did not plug loads of students sign up. I recommend you watch the rest and enjoy it.

This is a comedy for all. But I know several cases in many countries where a rich man can make up a college and ruin the lives of many young students. Hope, I see these kind of things remains confined to movies.

Trailer of the movie is .

Well, we all have come to know who Erick Erickson is. He is the blogger from Redstate, who claimed that he would pull his wife shotgun on a census worker, if one showed up at his house.

More on Erick Erickson’s story on the census can be found on politico here. I really can’t believe how CNN hired such a nutcase.

I think an Idaho man took Mr Erickson’s view to heart and so fired at a census worker in St. Maries, Idaho. Now the 54 year old Idaho man named, Richard L. Powell faces 6 months in jail and a  thousand dollar fine. He was charged with a misdemeanor by the police today. I think this thing is so stupid, all he had to do was tell his name and give his phone number and all this could have been avoided.

More from St. Maries here.

Well HP has announced that they will implement devices using memristor within 2 years. I had heard about it in a talk few years ago from a prof from UMich, but wasn’t convinced that they are any ground breaking. But looks like HP will go with it and try to make it. I will write my revive of the device shortly ( searching for my notes).

Stay tuned.  More on the HP news here.

Just returned after visiting the JFK presidential library. It is the only presidential library I have been too.  I can tell you it is worth the time and money. Just for around 10 bucks you will get a small glimpse into JFK life and family.

For more details visit its website.

I will not write more about it, because I want you to go there and see it for yourself.

A geo-engineer at Harvard has proposed a unique scheme to reduce global temperature, just introduce bubbles into water.  Bubbles changes the reflectivity of water so amount of energy absorbed by water is reduced, which means lower temperature (over here energy is mostly converted into heat).

The problem is the bubbles must be maintained for a long time at least a few milliseconds. May be just develop some compound……..

More over here.

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