June 2010

Greece has recent put some of its islands on sale!!  I wish I had the money to buy just one.

I think, this is just one of the many things that one will witness before world returns to financial stability.

More here.


If you thought the oil leak in the gulf of mexico is not going to cause you any harm, think again. It has started to RAIN OIL. Yeah, it is raining oil!!!!!!!

If you have an any common sense , you should be scared.

Obtained some good data on the experiments on a sub nanokelvin resolution thermometer. It is working and it is very compact. Running some drift experiments now. This  was the first project that I started at Harvard and it is coming to an end.

Nice beginning I would say. ….

This  a simulation from UCAR.  I thing this oil spill be the worst thing Obama administration will face.