September 2010

India is hosting commonwealth games this year and guess who the organizers have picked to do the securities- trained langur monkeys.  Thats right, 38 trained monkeys will be deployed during the games.  The main of these primates will be to patrol the grounds in an attempt to scare away smaller, stray primates that can roam the streets of Delhi.

Of course, they will be there with their trainer too. The langurs, which are giant, gray monkeys with black faces, will be on a leash. They’ll be “strategically” positioned outside various venues and tasked with keeping other wild monkeys from causing havoc during the Games.

Photo taken from yahoo news. (no intention to steal copyrights).


The Guadalupe fur seal which was declared extinct in 1892 has been sighted in large numbers in the coast of Mexico. They were hunted by Russian and Americans for their fur. Glad to know. Hope many more species are rediscovered!!!!!

Photo: thanks to Visuals Unlimited/Corbis. (No intention to steal copyrights).

For more details on the story read the entire Guardian article.

A parrot was busted in  Barranquilla Columbia, which was trained to spot police to warn drug cartels. This is crazy at so many levels……

The video is here.

Yesterday, Financial times is reported that a team led by Jeremy O’Brien of University of Bristol, have overcome a barrier in developing quantum computers.  The lead physicist Jeremy O’Brien has claimed that this technology will be able to develop a quantum computer within 5 years. I am highly skeptical of the claim, but since it is at room temperature, it will be interesting to see if we can use it the technological advancement in some other way.

The FT article is here.

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more on the elephant  here.

Finished a fiction by Jeffery Archer- paths of glory. I have to say, it is not the usual family drama by Archer. Read the book in India.