November 2010

There is attention brought to the peer review process in the latest edition of Nature(4th Nov, 2010). The commentry by Bernd Pulverer is a facinating read.  I don’t know about the access rights, so I cannot put the article up here. It basically strengthening the argument of making review comments and author’s reply public, which shows the steps in developing scientific arguments. The case has been followed in the EMBO Journal (european molecular biological organisation), which has started publishing comments by both reviewers and authors.

Also a bit of trivia, DNA paper by Watson and crick was never peer reviewed, because the editor of Nature thought that, results were self sufficient . Also, Einstein was angry with the peer review process, so he took his paper elsewhere.


Yup, ZnO, zinc oxide, the chemical in all the lotions, baby powders, white pigment in colours.

Apparently, as Japanese physicists have discovered that ZnO can be made with very high levels of purity. So high that electrons move with very high speeds and one can observe quantum effects in them. If this takes off.. we could have ZnO quantum computers……

check out the nature issue for this