I had my passport recently renewed at the Indian Consulate General in New York city.  The process is really simple.  I got my passport back by mail in a week, by  express mail. I did apply in person.

If some of you are looking for instructions.. I will post how i did it, so it might help you.

1.  Go to the Indian Consulate General, New York website and follow the link for passport renewals under consular services.

In the permanent address section – I filled the Indian address,

Other address section – I put the US address.

2. The link says “Please select ‘Reissue of Passport’ on the online form”, I did that while filling the online form.

Once you finished the online page, go to the next page , which  gives a pop out with the  date of confirmation, about 3 days from date you fill online application. You can go to the consulate any date on or after the confirmation date. No time for appointment is given, you are served on a first come first serve basis at the consulate for passport renewals.

3.  Once you confirm the appointment date online, a PDF file opens in your browser , which is 4 pages. The PDF cannot be filled on the computer , you have to do it manually. Some of the details filled online will be automatically completed in the PDF form.

4.  Prepare the rest of the documents such as

a. Take the original passport with you. You will need to submit this to the consulate officer. It will be returned to you and the stamped “cancelled with visas not cancelled”.

b. You will need 4 passport size photos in total. 2 inch x2 inch photos, with white background, showing frontal view of full face.  1 photo to paste on the application form, the PDF form you printed and filled. Paste the photo, don’t expect the consular officer to do it for you.  2 photos to be given along with the application form, that makes it 3 photos.  The fourth photo is to be pasted on the Nationality Status verification form.

c. You have to print out and fill the Nationality Status Verification Form  manually.

d. Prepare the copy of the proof of residence in the United States is required.  Utility bill/bank statement/copy of lease agreement/driver’s license are acceptable as proof of residence.

e. I took a copy of the proof of residence in India too, because I was getting the address change on the passport of India.  It does not say it is needed on the website.

f. Copy of the first five and the last two pages of the passport.

g. Copy of pages indicating U.S. Visa or original Green Card or Employment Authorization Card (EAC) or any other visa documents to be shown at the counter and a copy of both sides of documents deposited (in case applications being mailed, a notarized copy of these documents can be sent);

In case application for Green Card or EAC or Visa is pending/being processed, a copy of documents in support of this fact must be deposited;

The consular Officer also asked me for the Originals here.

h. I did not have any documents notarized, because the website said notarize  the documents only when mailing. However, there was a mobile notary down the road, so there was no problem for some.

I. I had about 9 months left in the passport, but decided to start the process early. One can start the process 12 months before from the date of expiration.

J. Finally the money. The fee is 40 dollars, plus you need additional $20.00 for express mail or $10.00 for priority mail (for the passport to be returned by mail). If paying by Cash , which I did with $20 bills, don’t take any bill with $50 or higher denomination, they are particular about that.  No personal checks.

H. And if this concerns you,

  • The declaration at the end of the application form should be notarized if the old passport had expired more than one year ago.
  • If the present passport does not contain the name of spouse and the name is to be entered in the new passport, a copy of marriage certificate must be presented.

I took the originals with me, in case the officer asks for it. Also I took a copy of my degree certificate, just to be in the safer side for ENCR check.

You can also do the renewal by mail, look at the website for instructions.
Also, these were things I did, and passport renewals are lengthy and case specific. I cannot be held responsible, if things go wrong for you with your passport renewal if you followed my blog only. I am only trying to help by listing my experience with the process.  Also, please read the website of the Consulate General of India, New York.