January 2011


I can’t help but think it is like a funny movie.

Few weeks ago, a vulture tagged by scientists at Tel Aviv University, for research,  strayed into Saudi Arabia, where it was promptly arrested on suspicion of being a Mossad spy  on Jan 4th this year ,  both the Israeli and Saudi media reported.

The bird  carried a tag and transmitter in a leg bracelet  from “Tel Aviv University.  The tag were part of research to study migration patterns, but Saudi Arabia’s Al-Weeam newspaper that the matter seemed to be a “Zionist plot.”

But now, the Saudi Arabian govt have seemed to have cleared the bird of espionage charges and it is being set free.

Hurray for the bird, poor creature.

Supradeep Narayana and Yuki Sato

Accepted Tuesday Jan 11, 2011

We report a new kind of experiment in which we take an array of nanoscale apertures that form a superfluid 4He Josephson junction and apply quantum phase gradients directly along the array. We observe collective coherent behaviors from aperture elements, leading to quantum interference. Connections to superconducting and BEC Josephson junctions as well as phase coherence among the superfluid aperture array are discussed.