May 2011

Our groups paper of rotational sensor based on superfluid helium is accepted into PRL. The paper is currently in the press and will be out shortly.

abstract is below.

Superfluid quantum interference in multiple-turn reciprocal geometry.

Supradeep Narayana and Yuki Sato

Accepted Tuesday May 24, 2011

We report the observation of superfluid quantum interference in a compact, large area matter-wave interferometer consisting of a multiple-turn interfering path in reciprocal geometry. Utilizing the Sagnac effect from the Earth’s rotation in conjunction with a phase shifter made of superfluid heat current, we demonstrate that such a scheme can be extended for sensitive rotation sensing as well as for general interferometry.


Stanford university in collaboration with a few, started an experiment many years ago called Gavity Probe B. Basically this was the experiment to confirm Einstein theory of relativity- they wanted to measure the frame dragging effect and the geodectic effect ( the space time curvature ) .

The experiment is reportedly cost nearly a billion.  Well the result has come out and a PRL publication is on it way.

I am already disappointed that only a PRL is coming out. I had hoped for lot of stuff , but I will wait for the final paper ( I don’t think I will understand any of it, but I had hoped it will be one of the results of the decade if not the century).

The gravity probe B page is here.