November 2011

We report the first experimental demonstration of a “cloak” for dc magnetic fields. We utilize a material consisting of an array of artificially patterned superconducting and soft ferromagnetic elements. When an external dc magnetic field is applied, we find that the interior of the cloak is completely shielded while the exterior field remains unperturbed, as if the cloak and the cloaked region are just an empty space.

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Found this link today on Maxwell’s papers all collected and edited.

Makes a very good read. 

We designed and tested a dc magnetic field cloak. We showed that, when
 the external dc magnetic field is applied, the interior of the
 cloak is shielded while the field outside remains unperturbed.
we used a metamaterial composed of artificially patterned superconducting
and paramagnetic elements.
The picture shows the cloak along with the setup used for the demonstration.

I will upload the paper once it is released. 


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Today Popular science has a small gallery of old discoveries and their reporting from Newton to Faraday and Ben Franklin.

Link is here.