Update: May 2013

It has been a long time. But I have now moved to Hitachi Global Storage Tech. (HGST) in San Jose.  I had a great time at Rowland Institute at Harvard University.


Update: March 2010

I have now completed my PhD at Stony Brook. I will be joining Harvard University as a Post-doctoral fellow. Hope to have  a very productive time there.


I am a graduate student at Stony Brook exploring the world of high speed superconducting electronics, mainly in RSFQ electronics.

If something is fascinating in the world of nanotech , electrical engg, applied physics,I am into it. I am also avid reader of politics, economics, world affairs and fiction.

I love spy novels, John le Carre is my favorite. Love Jimi Hendrix, Iron Maden ….

well thats me for now. I will be back as events of the day progress.