We at stony brook university have been developing a comprehensive method to study flux trapping in RSFQ circuits. Most of the results have been presented at two ASC conferences and submitted to IEEE Transactions on Applied superconductivity for publication.  Those who are interested in our research can contact me directly by leaving a message on the blog.

Note: I have only recently setup this blog, i will be updating it with a lot of information very soon.


I have only started blogging recently so i thought i will share our result of an experiment with all. It is safe as the poster has already been presented at ASC2008 and manuscript has been submitted for publication.

In collaboration with Hypres, we have developed a new way to make Multi-chip Modules(MCM) for high speed data transfer between superconducting chips using mircostrip lines. This methodology is one way to integrate many modules fabricated on different chips.

The result: Maximum speed of 107 GHz, for chip manufactured in 4.5KA/cm2 Hypres Nb technology was obtained.

This is the fastest recorded for 4.5 KA/cm2 technology ; NEC reported 117GHz data transfer rate using 10KA/cm2 technology. The new MCM design has the potential to reach 150 GHz transfer rate, if fabricated in NEC’s 10KA/cm2 technology.

The MCM bumps,which bond the two chips, design were improved to reduce the parasitics, also fabrication methodology was greatly improved .

More details with graphs to be posted soon.