Our article , titled “Heat flux manipulation with engineered thermal materials” that will be published in PRL shortly, has been featured in sciencenow.  The titled in the news article is titled ” Heat Trickery Paves Way for Thermal Computers” which gives a brief description of thermal shielding, concentration and inversion. 

The link to the sciencenow article is here. 


The concept of heat has been known for a long time, and yet it is nontrivial to manipulate its flow. Here, we show that artificial materials can be engineered to guide the heat flow in unconventional ways. The conductivity of the artificial materials are engineered for diffusive energy transport of thermal conduction and experimentally shielding, concentrating, and inverting the applied heat flux.

The artificially engineered materials are otherwise known as metamaterials.

I will upload more details once the paper is published.

The acceptance notice is here.